2.  Watch this video to get some ideas on how to play.

"10 Ways To Play"

1.  Face To Face (Both Playing)

2.  Face To Face (Bigger Range)

3.  Head Turn

4.  Full Body Turn

5.  Seated Wall Toss

6.  Standing Wall Toss

7.  Partner Blind Wall Toss

8.  Surprise Blind Partner Toss

9.  Partner Quick Response Blind Wall Toss

10. Face To Face- Double Ball

3.  Download the 21 Day Challenge Calendar and follow along!

"My 26-year-old daughter suffered damage to the right lobe of the brain from trauma at birth. Thankfully her Occupational Therapist recommended vision therapy when she was 8.  The BrainSpeed Ball incorporates so many of the activities which were used in her therapy.  Vision therapy is very expensive, time-consuming, takes a specialized practitioner and is often not covered by insurance. I spent a few thousand dollars for her therapy. The BrainSpeed Ball is inexpensive and easily accessible for everyone!" 

- Barbara P.

Accessible For Everyone

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