About the Creator, Trent McEntire

"I created the BrainSpeed Ball™ to make Biohacking your brain FUN and POWERFUL!  It was also important to me for this game to be accessible to everyone.  I have witnessed incredible and permanent changes in children, seniors, athletes, and those with neurological conditions.  The possibilities are so inspirational.  The game addresses specific problem areas including focus, cognition, balance, coordination, and movement.  I can't wait for you to experience the results!" 

- Trent McEntire

Trent McEntire is best known in the movement world as the problem solver.  


For more than 20 years, Trent has been helping those that experience movement challenges and neurological disorders to gain back their mobility – a story he knows well.  Born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, Trent was able to repattern his own movement to eliminate the pain and stiffness he experienced daily.  His ability to repair his own body lifted the ceiling, allowing Trent to actively participate in his love of sports and moving on to becoming a professional dancer.  Today, Trent teaches his proprietary techniques and strategies worldwide to help improve brain performance.