Better Brain Performance In Minutes.

The BrainSpeed Ball™ a simple and FUN game of catch that trains the sensory systems of the brain to be stronger, more responsive, and more efficient.

Proven Results

  • Focus

  • Balance

  • Concentration

  • Athletic Performance

  • Memory

  • Movement

  • Mood

  • Stress

How Do You Play?

The results are long-lasting, powerful, and measurable after just a few minutes of playing.

1.  Track A Letter Or Number

2.  Catch The BrainSpeed ball

3.  Say What You See

Ideal for Kids, Seniors, Athletes, and those with Neurological Conditions

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Brain Injury- Supercharged Recovery!  Watch Dan's Story

"My 26-year-old daughter suffered damage to the right lobe of the brain from trauma at birth. Thankfully her Occupational Therapist recommended vision therapy when she was 8.  The BrainSpeed Ball incorporates so many of the activities which were used in her therapy.  Vision therapy is very expensive, time-consuming, takes a specialized practitioner and is often not covered by insurance. I spent a few thousand dollars for her therapy. The BrainSpeed Ball is inexpensive and easily accessible for everyone!" 

- Barbara P.

Accessible For Everyone